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25-10-22 | Photography

Having a newborn photo session is an amazing way to capture the beauty of your new bundle of joy. From those first tiny toes to their sweet little expressions, these memories will last a lifetime.

When it comes to newborn photography, there are many things to consider. The ideal time for a session is when your baby is between 5-10 days old. This ensures they are still sleepy and more flexible enough for those perfect poses! It’s also important that you plan ahead and book your photographer in advance so that the date doesn’t conflict with any other events.

How to Choose the Right Props for Your Newborn Photography

Here are some tips to help you choose the right props for your newborn photography session.

  • Know Your Color Scheme: The first step when selecting props for a newborn photoshoot is deciding on a color palette or theme. This will help guide your decisions when picking out items as you want everything in the shot to coordinate well together. Choose colors that complement each other and also go with any clothing you plan on having your little one wear during the shoot.
  • Consider Texture & Fabrics: When shopping for props, consider what materials they’re made of such as soft fabrics like velvet or fleece; or textures like wicker and wood which provide interesting elements in an image. Props should not only look great but feel cozy too – remember babies love to touch things!
  • Think Practicality: While it may be tempting to buy lots of cute accessories like sparkly headbands and colorful tutus, think practically about what’s actually going to work best in pictures before making purchases - these types of props often don't photograph very well! Instead focus on comfortable blankets or wraps that can highlight baby's features without being distracting from them.
  • Shop Around: There are so many options available online – check Etsy, eBay and even thrift stores where you might find unique pieces at great prices (and hey, if all else fails mom always has her own closet filled with scarves she can use!). Don’t forget that simple items around your home like books or toys could also make fun additions too!
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Essential Lighting Techniques for ProfessionalLooking Newborn Photographs

One of the most important aspects of newborn photography is natural light. Natural light will help create soft shadows and flattering highlights that can really add life to your images. If possible, position your setup near a window with plenty of diffused sunlight streaming through it – but make sure there aren't any harsh shadows or overly bright areas in the frame. You can also use reflectors – such as silver-coated umbrellas or white foam boards – to bounce extra light onto darker areas of the scene and bring out detail in those regions.

If you don't have access to natural light, artificial studio lights can still produce excellent results when used correctly. For newborn shoots, try setting up two large softboxes on either side of baby at equal distances from them (noting that different babies may require varying amounts of space). This type of lighting setup will provide even illumination across their face while still creating interesting shadows on their body and clothing which helps shape the image compositionally.

Finally, consider adding accent lights into your setup if desired; these could include small LED panels placed around baby’s head or chest area to draw attention towards them within the scene. Accent lights should always be positioned slightly above eye level so they don't cause glare in baby's eyes - but not too high otherwise they won't cast enough shadow to create depth in the photograph either!

Benefits of a Newborn Photo Session

  • Capture Unforgettable Memories: With every passing day, babies grow so quickly that all those precious moments seem to slip away before we even have time to savor them. Newborn photos help us capture these fleeting moments so we can look back fondly and remember how small they once were.
  • Create Heirloom Artwork: Professional photographers use an array of lighting techniques and props to create timeless artwork that will last for generations. Your newborn photos will serve as a reminder of your child’s early days forever!
  • Connect Family Members: Newborn photography sessions often include family members such as siblings or grandparents, helping everyone bond over this special experience together. It’s also a great way for extended family members who cannot visit in person due to distance or other factors to connect with the new addition through pictures!
  • Record Baby Milestones: Babies change more during their first few weeks than at any other stage in their lives – it happens so fast! Having professional photographs taken helps record each milestone on camera so you never forget just how quickly your little one grew!

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